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Monuments outside La Milagrosa Politecnica in Cartagena

La Milagrosa in Cartagena has various statues outside it’s main grounds.

As a house of learning the one monument that does stick out is on the pavement outside where a trio of statues signify through their respective poses that you are indeed outside a place of academia. There are other monuments including a fine wheel that shows the name of the politecnica.

Cartagena as a city has many statues and monuments throughout it’s streets and plazas. These outside La Milagrosa are a fine example of the interest that Cartagena holds for it’s growing tourist trade.

la milagrosa cartagena

Monuments at La Milagrosa Cartagena

Cartagena Politecnica La Milagrosa

Politecnica in Cartagena

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